Monday, October 17, 2011

Top Posts and Articles on Java

There are lots of articles and posts about the Java on internet. Java Developers frequently need to refer them every once in a while. So I thought to list them at a single place, that we could use as reference and come back as needed.

Java Websites

Top 20 Java Websites is a one stop information place for all important websites related to Java. The post is written by Mkyoung.

Java Frameworks

Java developers need to be aware of relative positives and negatives of available top Java Frameworks so that they could choose one that will suit their needs. A post by Lijin on his blog could help you do that. Post named Six best web frameworks in Java gives you quick information about top Java frameworks, companies who build them, features and a short description of each.

Another article on The Long Road blog titled 10 best Java web development frameworks gives you more information on some other frameworks too.

Java People

People who invented Java related technologies or contributed Java to the best of their abilities are well known personalities in the community. Now you can read their blogs, follow them on twitter or know more about their contribution, interviews and many other things. All you need is to read top 8 Java People you should know by Mkyong.

Java Books

Not sure if you have read the best book? or thinking of a new book on Java? Check out this list of 5 best core Java Books you must read.

Do you have your own list?

I know the above list is not complete. If you have your own list, do share it in the comments.


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